osmo-bsc is a version of OpenBSC which runs in pure BSC-only mode, i.e. it will implement the BSC functionality and the A-bis and A interfaces, but not emulate a MSC/SMSC/HLR/AUC like the osmo-nitb version of OpenBSC.

osmo-bsc is therefore mostly useful to operate within existing traditional GSM networks that already have a functional core network.

Installation and Configuraion

The compilation, installation and configuration process is almost identical to that of osmo-nitb. Feel free to read Building_OpenBSC for details.

The major differences are:

  • you need to download, configure and install libosmo-sccp first (git clone git://
  • you need to pass the --enable-osmo-bsc option to the configure command used at the beginning of the OpenBSC build process

After compilation, you should have a openbsc/src/osmo-bsc/osmo-bsc binary, which you start instead of osmo-nitb

There is one example configuration files included in the openbsc/doc/examples/osmo-bsc directory, specifically:

  • doc/examples/osmo-bsc/osmo-bsc.cfg which is configured for a single nanoBSTS connecting to a MSC at
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