HSL Femtocell Hardware

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The HSL femtocell hardware consists of two boards: A digital board with the ARM, DSP and FPGA, as well as the radio board, containing the ADC/DAC/oscillator/mixer/filter/duplexer.

Both boards are interconnected using a small adapter board. This adapter board also contains the Ethernet jack (including magnetics).

Digital Board

The digital board contains a placement option for a GPS module

picture of HSL femtocell main digital PCB

Main Processor


Power Management

Ethernet MAC



RF board

So far we have only documented those parts that are not under the massive shielding cover.

The RF board contains a placement option for an OCXO.

picture of HSL femtocell radio PCB



Rx Mixer



2x TI 16bit buffers/drivers (sn54? LVC16244)

RF Power Amplififer

Duplexer / Circulator

  • ACCUTE 100610 Duplex Filter SRP1747F1842N10N75FAI

Receive filter

  • ACCUTE 100610 Rx Band Filter SRP1747N10N75FV
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