Posts for the month of August 2011

Announcing libosmo-abis

We have finally split the low-level A-bis access routines into a separate library called libosmo-abis. This allows us to re-use the code in a variety of projects outside OpenBSC, such as OsmoBTS.

However, this also means there is now one additional dependency that you need in order to build OpenBSC. However, it should be a simple autoreconf -i && ./configure && make install to build.

More information and tarballs can be found at libosmo-abis.

Introducing doxygen-generated API documentation

For quite some time there has been a distinct lack of API documentation regarding the various Osmocom sub-projects.

Starting with libosmocore/libosmogsm, we are introducing doxygen-generated API reference documentation. You can see the first results at the following pages:

Feel free to help us documenting more code in the various libraries, including libosmo-sccp, libosmo-abis, etc. Patches are always welcome at our mailing lists.